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[In New England] every man may be master and owner of his owne labour and land

… if he have nothing but his hands

Captain John Smith explorer, map-maker, writer, and the namer of New England

We live by this premise, and serve communities that embody this rugged, industrious, and resolute spirit. The Smithland Supply and myAGWAY brands are Lawn, Garden, & Pet Centers built on strong foundations, serving our New England neighbors for more than 30 years. Our 12 locations have become the trusted source for customers seeking lawn, garden and pet supplies, along with competitive pricing and expert in-store advice. Smithland Supply Pet Centers in Massachusetts and Connecticut, formerly known as Dave’s Soda & Pet City, employ the same inventory and staff from its previous incarnation, and generations of customers continue to entrust us with their pets’ health and well-being.  

Smithland Supply and myAGWAY take pride in this legacy, and our teams continue to exemplify the spirit of those who first explored and shaped New England. We are your local advantage – the premier supplier for lawn, garden and pet products through every season. Our name may have changed, but we continue to set the bar of quality and service established by our founders — with a fresh, friendly perspective.


Rouse your inner explorer, and discover what’s in store at a location near you.

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to You

Product Pride.

We stock our locations with products you trust, and a team that knows and believes in the products we carry.


Serve Beyond.

We serve beyond by providing shopping experiences & solutions that exceed expectations.


Local First.

Our products and stores are tailored to a "local first" standard. This means we focus on the needs of our neighbors & communities, offering friendly, local experts who are focused on providing solutions to the problems that mean most to you. 


Brand New

The history of our brand

Captain John Smith is credited for naming New England. When describing the region he discovered and explored, he wrote that this is a place for anyone who “has nothing but his hands” to make a new start and prosper. The Smithland Supply name connects us with the spirit of John Smith, our regional heritage, and the hardworking people who live here.


The Smithland Supply brand is associated with 5 Pet Centers, formerly known as Dave's Soda & Pet City, along with a Lawn, Garden & Pet Center opened in the fall of 2019 in Old Saybrook, CT.

Learn More about the Dave's Transition

The myAGWAY brand is associated with 6 stores in Connecticut that have been a trusted source for their communities for more than 30 years. We offer an extensive inventory of quality pet supplies, lawn and garden supplies, grills, outdoor furniture, quality shrubs, plants, trees, and house plants, farm and feed supplies, and equine essentials. Although "Agway" is in our name, we are not an Agway franchise, nor are we affiliated with any other Agway location.


Although the name may have changed, our product offerings and the majority of our staff have remained. Let's be real: we are in the retail business, so turnover is always expected. However, unlike other retailers, we can boast about managers and full-time team members that have been with us for more than 20 years, and have helped (and employed) generations of customers. 


We hire people who are passionate about animals, gardening, horses, and getting outdoors, and people who intimately know the communities they serve. They are pet owners, gardeners, farmers, home owners, wild bird enthusiasts, and horse lovers. Twice a year, all team members receive in-depth training on our products and services, and refresher courses are carried out several times a month. We have an "in-store expert" on the floor in all our categories, so our customers can expect researched guidance and product recommendations. If have an answer for you, we will work hard to find one.

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Select Dave's Pet locations are now Smithland Supply Pet Centers!!!

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