Getting your kids involved in gardening from a young age

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Share your love of gardening and get outside with your young ones, and watch them grow!

Best Plants to start with your children

Watch your child's interest and self-esteem grow as their efforts digging in the dirt results in plants and veggies that can be featured in your home and on the table. There are many plants that are great for young gardeners, here are some easy examples that have short growing seasons, and are fun to harvest.

1. Sunflower

2. Lettuce/Mescluns

3. Fragrant Herbs (Basil, Cilantro, Lavender)

4. Snow Peas

5. Cherry Tomatoes

6. Nasturtiums

7. Beans

8. Carrots

9. Potatoes

10. Pumpkins

Tips for Gardening With Children

Make it their own

Set up a raised bed, pots and boxes, or set aside a section of your annual beds that's just for your young ones. Start small, with 2-3 plants that they can focus on. Make sure their spot has plenty of light and rich soil, so they are set up for success.

Invest in quality tools

Keep it simple, but don't rely on cheap, sandbox, plastic shovels and rakes. Small hand tools that can be handled by small hands are a good start. Rakes, hoes, and spades can also be introduced when supervised. Real tools help emphasis that their garden is important, and makes the actual work much easier from the start.

Engage Them Through The Entire Process, From Seed to Table

Decorate pots, or choose special stones to let your child customize their space. If you're planting seeds for the table, explain the importance of their work for contributing to a future dinner. Help them learn the names of different plants and read about the growth requirements on the seed packets, or make a map of your garden or your yard and make special labels to identify the plants.

Start From Seeds

While it’s convenient to buy small plants, children will be more engaged and have a deeper sense of accomplishment if you start from seeds. Sprouting seeds and nurturing young seedlings are a valuable part of the experience. Start seeds indoors in a warm room, and transplant into pots or beds when the temps outside are suitable to growth. You can also invest in one of our hydroponic sets with an LED light to garden year round.

Craft Activities After Harvest

Dry herbs and make scented bags with them, or grow and sell their cut flowers. They can also collect seeds to give as holiday gifts to friends and family.

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